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Support The Change To Your Body As It Supports You

Our Divine Download for January 5, 2024 is Body Changes from The Butterfly Oracle. It's not so terribly surprising that a card of this nature would come up the first week into the new year with everyone focused in and even fixated upon their resolutions for the year. But this card goes a bit deeper than just that. We've all been through the proverbial wringer in the past few years, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally, and as such physically as well. But now we're beginning to emerge from our cocoon of transformation (even as our transformation continues). What this means and what this looks like for our physical bodies will be unique and different to each individual. What does it mean and what does it look like to and for you? Are you paying enough attention to your physical body and the changes that it is calling you to make? What does your physical body want and need at this time? Your physical body is what supports and sustains you on this planet at this time, and as such, it is so very important to connect to it, to work with it, and to treat it like the beloved partner that it is. Maybe that change in mindset is simply the change that you need to make at this time. Maybe there are additional action steps that you are being called to take. Whatever the case may be, it is time (long past time!) for you to tune into your physical body and start listening to what you need to do in order to support it as it works so very hard to support you.

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