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Support Your Learning For Earning

Our Divine Download for November 27, 2023 is Eight of Autumn/Parrot from the Animal Tarot. In other tarot interpretations this would be the eight of earth, eight of coins, eight of pentacles, and eight of archangel Ariel. The eight of autumn puts you on notice that it is time to learn something new in your life, or that it is time to learn more about one particular subject (you know, like everything there is to know about it!) Autumn or earth cards always talk about what sustains us on the earth plane (usually time, money, and health are three that receive the most lip service) and the eight of autumn lets you know that you will be more and better supported by mother earth once you invest in yourself by starting down this path of learning. Learning does not necessarily have to mean going back to school in a traditional sense, though it certainly can. Sometimes learning can involve taking a workshop, a weekend class, or an on-line seminar. Sometimes learning can be as simple as *finally* being willing to sit with your great aunt while she runs down the cherished family recipe for you. Learning is best fueled by curiosity, and curiosity is maintained by a willingness to continue asking questions. Never stop asking questions (meaningful questions that is!) Never be afraid to take responsibility for your own learning. Never be afraid to augment your own learning by doing your own research. Just be mindful as you roll on down the research highway that not everything that you see on the internet is true, and you literally have the ability to pull "research" that supports any position on any given issue. Always check your sources. Always check your facts. And always, always be willing to learn, because the more you learn, the more you know, and the more you know the more you will be abundantly supported by the earth plane.

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