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Support Yourself Naturally

Our Divine Download for December 25, 2020 is Connect With Nature from the Magical Messages from the Fairies Oracle Cards. Two days in a row across two different decks, we are being told clearly and loudly to get our butts outside and to connect with nature. That we are being told this, again, on Christmas day is asking us to give the gift of connection with and inspiration by nature to ourselves on this day that is so focused on celebratory gift giving. Our souls need this time in nature. Our physical, emotional, and mental bodies crave the rejuvenation which can only be found through time and connection with nature. We need the air. We need to literally air our beings out after the shit show this year has been. We need to rejuvenate and reset ourselves to make space for better and brighter things to come in the days and the new year ahead. We need the air, the outside air, to refresh our spirits. The butterflies featured on this card suggest that if we heed the advice of the fairies and if we choose to prioritize a connection with nature, we are guaranteed a beautiful transformation. The way that we need to prepare ourselves to bloom and grow and blossom and flourish is to partner with nature and allow being outdoors to support all of our efforts. Give yourself this gift. Give yourself this time. Give yourself this space. Allow yourself to air out in order to make space for what is yet to come. You can prioritize 5 minutes even on this holiday with which to do so. You can choose to prioritize time each and every day to do so. Your life will be more magical and remain in much better flow if you make this choice and give yourself this gift. It's time that we see ourselves as part of nature rather than seeing nature as separate from ourselves. We are all residents of Mother Earth and we are all governed by the same cycles and all participate with the same rhythms. When we work with these cycles and rhythms in synchronistic partnership we not only feel more supported but things just work better and flow smoother. Will you allow yourself to partner with nature in this way? Will you prioritize this time and connection with nature? Will you give yourself the gift of space and connection? Will you choose to embrace and work with the rhythms and cycles of our planet? Will you honor yourself and all of nature in this way? Try it! What's the worst that can happen? What have you actually got to lose? May today day 1 (or two if you heeded the advice of yesterday's DD) of investing in yourself in the simplest, most natural way possible!

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