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Surrender for Balance and Justice

Our Divine Download for May 26, 2021 is Justice from the Spellology Oracle Cards. My Libra son says all the time that "It's NOT fair!" And we may feel this way too, because so many things in the Universe feels unfair and unbalanced to us. But, justice isn't something that is unique to each individual. True justice, and karma are pretty hard and fast universal laws. We think that when things do not go exactly as we felt they were meant to, or we don't get a front row seat to watch alleged justice be doled out, that things are unjust and unfair. But that's simply not the case. We don't get to decide what is and isn't just in the world or in our lives. We don't get to decide what is and isn't fair in our lives. And we definitely do not get to decide what happens in terms of karma being doled out in our lives. Justice is all about balance. And the beautiful and liberating thing is that we do not have to worry about how to dole out justice in order to achieve the best possible balance! That's up to forces with a higher pay grade than us. Phew! Thank goodness! When we can absolve ourselves of the responsibility of assigning and carrying out our perception of justice, we will actually find that we will experience more justice in our lives. When we can surrender the illusion of control over justice, we will experience greater freedom and even more true justice. The reality is that it just isn't up to us. And that's honestly a beautiful thing and quite the relief. There is better balance, and more justice available to us right now. We just need to let go of the illusion of control in order to experience it. Free yourself. Allow justice to unfold. Enjoy the balance that increased and better free flowing justice brings.

When we're obsessed with justice and fairness, usually it is because we are overly focused on other people and situations outside of our sphere of influence and circle of control. We aren't trusting the universe, or even ourselves to be able to sustain and support us. Our Angels will help shift our focus so that we can feel empowered and experience more balance in our lives. Book Your 60 Minute Angel Card Reading Today: Book Your Session Here!

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