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Surrender the Drama

Our Divine Download for March 24, 2023 is Surrender the Drama from the Power of Surrender Cards. I feel like this is a card that comes up every single time we use this deck! And that makes a lot of sense, because everywhere we look there is nothing but drama, essentially all of the time. But does drama serve us? Does it feel good to us? Does it help us? Does is sustain us? Does it uplift us? Um, that would be a big ol' negative to all of that ghost rider! All drama does is stir us up emotionally and create more drama. The beautiful thing about drama, dramatic situations, and yes, even dramatic people is that we get to choose whether or not be engage in that drama. We get to choose to what extent (if at all) we participate. One of the things that I have been known to say to my clients more than once is that when it comes to conflict with others, it essentially does not matter if someone picks up their sword and wants to dual with you, wants to engage in conflict with you. If you simply drop your proverbial sword and back away, they will just be swinging at the air looking like the jackass they are. The same can be said about drama. If we choose not to engage, or we choose to only engage peacefully, then that is the experience that we will create for ourselves. If someone is over the top and trying to dish out the hysterics and trying to get us to engage in said hysterics, when we respond calmly and peacefully, they will either match our energy, or go find someone else who they will be more successful stirring up. Choose to surrender the drama. It's not really so much fun to participate in anyway!

With certain members of our family of origin, or even our core friend groups, there might be drama mongers that we feel as though we cannot escape and in these extreme cases, an Energetic Cord Cutting might be beneficial to remove the negative cords of attachment between us and those other people in order to free us from their constant drama. Schedule Your Energetic Cord Cutting TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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