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Surrender To Your True Power By Letting Go

Our Divine Download for June 22, 2023 is Letting Go from the Message From the Fairies Oracle. Our hands, our arms, our brains only have a finite capacity to hold on to things. This message comes in for us today because it tells us that there is something, or somethings that we need to let go of. It could be a letting go in terms of just setting it down, for now, and we can either choose to pick it back up later, or not, or it could be a letting go as in dropping that shit like a hot potato never to pick it back up again. What are you holding onto so tightly that you are causing yourself suffering and stifling the growth or resolution thereof? We tend to hold on to more things when we feel out of control too. If you have been holding onto things, be they physical objects, or energetic situations, or even people, past the point that you need them, beyond the point when they no longer serve you, ask yourself where you feel out of control in your life and focus on the things that you can control and do have control over. We think of letting go, or the idea of surrendering and not trying to micromanage every single aspect of our lives as a weakness. In fact, surrender, letting go, is one of the biggest strengths that we possess. There is incredible power in saying "this is in't for me anymore and I'm going to let it go." Or "this isn't mine to control, I'm going to let the universe handle it and get our of my own way to allow it to play out." Be strong. Let go. It serves your soul to do so.

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