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Take Action Today

Our Divine Download for May 6, 2022 is Action from the Mary Queen of Angels Oracle Cards with the message "Today, I take action to the priorities that I have previously put off." In the immortal words of Jim Morrison "The time to hesitate is through..." It's time to act! When we have been in a cycle of contemplation and planning, or even stuck in avoidance or procrastination, taking that first action step may feel daunting, overwhelming, or even damn near impossible. But, this card doesn't say that we have to take ALL of the action or do ALL of the things today. Rather, action becomes much more doable and vastly more sustainable when we break it down into bite sized chunks and literally take one step at a time. No action is too small to get the energy of a situation moving. What have you been putting off that you have been avoiding taking action on for whatever reason? What action can you take today, right now even, towards whatever task you have been putting off? Don't let your past lack of action define you or what it is you are hoping to achieve now or in the future. That was then and this is now. Now is the time for action, regardless of what has transpired in the past. The actions that you take at this time are divinely guided and divinely supported. It's time to move boldly and bravely forward, even if that means a millimeter at a time. Any action is still action and all action is movement and all movement shifts energy. It's time. You're guided. Just do it!

Our Angels understand that there are myriad reasons why we may fall into periods of inaction or even procrastination and they can help us overcome these times with Spiritual Action Steps offered during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Schedule Your Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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