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Take Back Your Power AND Your Prosperity

Our Divine Download for November 20, 2021 is Take Back Your Power! and Prosperity featuring Archangels Raziel and Ariel from the Archangel Oracle Cards. We're being called out with these cards that we have left our own prosperity and much of our manifestation up to external sources, and it simply will not do! We are the only ones who can manifest our dreams into reality, which makes sense given that we are the only ones who are emotionally invested in our dreams. No more wishing. No more hoping. No more crossing fingers. We are constantly being given intuitive nudges to follow and it is only when we do that, when we actually listen, receive, and follow through, that we will then get to see the tangible results of our manifestations. Archangel Raziel reminds us that our power to manifest is God-given and it is second to none when it is paired with the power of our intention. We have been given this power, this ability because we are meant to use it. Like all the time. For everything! For all of the things! We ARE powerful !! And we are meant to live prosperous and abundant lives. This is our nature state. Prosperity and abundance have little to do with materialism, though at this time of year especially it often becomes difficult to separate the two. We set ourselves up to fail when we focus on materialistic definitions of prosperity. It is unlikely that you will manifest having a million dollar pay check in the next three months or driving a maserati for Christmas. But when we focus on being prosperous, to be compensated appropriately and fairly for doing work we love in line with our divine right purpose, now that we can make happen asap! These cards are practically shouting at us "YOU HAVE THE POWER!" and "Make Your Dreams Come True!" So what's blocking the full expression of your personal power? What's disconnecting you from your true prosperity? If you're not sure or you don't know, it's high past time you found out. And Archangels Raziel and Ariel are here to help you to do just that. Take your power back because it's time to get your prosperity on!

Energy blockages and imbalances within our physical bodies can block our manifestation and our prosperity, or make it more difficult than it should be to obtain. Make sure there's nothing stopping you from taking back your power and being as prosperous as you are meant to be with an Integrative Reiki Session. Book Your Integrative Reiki Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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