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Take The Leap Of Faith Towards Your New Beginning

Our Divine Download for June 27, 2023 is The Dreamer from the Guardian Angel Messages Tarot. This is another major arcana card, so some BIG shifts are taking place in our lives or are on deck to do so really, Really, REALLY SOON! The Dreamer is the first card in the major arcana and is also known as The Fool in more traditional tarot interpretations. The Dreamer is at the beginning of a wonderful new journey, an adventure even, and is about to embark upon this new journey without necessarily being able to see the destination. But in doing so he has faith. He believes that this journey, this adventure is part of his path towards joy and that it is absolutely part of his Divine Right Mission. He believes that he is protected and divinely supported in taking this leap of faith, even if he doesn't yet know or cannot yet see where he will land. As a matter of fact, he's excited about this new journey, this new adventure despite not knowing where it is exactly he is going or where he will end up. You are the dreamer. You are being offered an opportunity (or soon will be) and even if you don't yet understand exactly where you will end up, it is going to take you somewhere wonderful and definitely somewhere much better and much more enjoyable than where you are now. So take that leap of faith. You won't regret the things that you do, but you may come to regret the things that you do not do.

Our Angels understand just how unnerving it is when we are on the threshold of a new journey or a new adventure and they will gladly support us in that space during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Schedule Your Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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