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Take Your Leap of Faith

Our Divine Download for September 30, 2021 is Portal from The Starseed Oracle Cards. Portal's messages says "Doors are opening. You decide. Rewards. Wild card." Well, alrighty then! Lots of cool stuff is going on energetically behind the scenes. Stuff that we don't necessarily even need to know about to know that it's happening, but that we can trust is moving us forward on the path of our divine right purpose. Portal tells us that doors are literally opening for us, so it then implies the question "will you walk through?" The first card in the Major Arcana in Tarot is a representation of The Fool, but he's actually NO fool because the fool will gladly walk through the portal. He will take the leap of faith. He trusts that he is not being led off a proverbial cliff or to certain doom, but recognizes that portals open for us to allow opportunities to present themselves to us, opportunities that we will never see or experience until and unless we decide to take our own leap of faith through the portal. Portals are magical, so it stands to reason that there would only be something wonderful and magical on the other side of any portal that presents itself to us, right?! You always have free will choice. There will never be anything or anyone forcing you to take any leap of faith or to walk through any portal that you do not want to. It is always completely up to you. But, our portal card speaks of reward that we will experience when we do trust the universe enough to take the leap of faith into and through the portal. It is unlikely that if we sit staring out at the portal than rewards are just going to magically float through from the other side. That's usually just not the way that things work. Portals are rarely permanent in nature, so that opportunity to take your leap of faith likely won't last forever. Though portals are usually one way type of deals, there's nothing to say that additional portals won't open for you in the future bringing you back full circle to where you began your journey from, if you wish. There's also nothing to say that additional portals won't open for you in the future to bring you somewhere even more wonderful and even more magical than you could have possibly ever imagined. Portals are nothing if not ripe with opportunity!

People often want assurances or reassurance before they take their leap of faith. While your Angels will never tell you what to do, they are happy to support you as you make your decision during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Book Your Session Here: Book Your Session Today!


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