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That's A YES From Me!

Our Divine Download for May 23, 2024 is Yemanya/Golden Opportunity from the Goddess Guidance Oracle with the message "Important doors are opening for you right now. Walk through them." Sometimes when opportunities come up or new doors open for us, we can be hesitant to walk through them, especially when we don't necessarily have a clear picture of what is on the other side. But Yemanya is telling us that this isn't just an opportunity, it is a GOLDEN opportunity, so regardless as to whether or not we can see what is on the other side of the proverbial door, we are being urged to say YES to all opportunities that present themselves right now, to take those leaps of faith, and to be willing to trust the universe that the portals we go through will lead us to wonderful things on the other side (even if we do not currently know what those things are or how they will look. The other thing that stands out on this card is the dolphin that is jumping for joy in the background. That's an indication that these opportunities that you will be offered, the doors that are opening for you are going to place you securely on your path towards joy. What could possibly be better than that? Why would you ever say no to something of that nature? If the opportunities currently present in your life are not in line with your path towards joy, or do not feel joyful to you, know that better, more joyfully aligned opportunities are coming and they're going to feel absolutely amazing! Remember too that you are a partner with the universe when it comes to manifestation, so you can ask spirit for the specific opportunities that you are seeking (as long as you are open and receptive to something even better showing up!) Become a yes man for all opportunities that present in your life right now!

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