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The Asset of Acceptance

Our Divine Download for September 12, 2020 is Acceptance from the Messages from the Mermaids Oracle Cards with the message "Acceptance is the doorway to freedom. Accepting what is going on releases any feelings of resistance and will help you feel liberated." The path to peace is born through total acceptance of your situation. Acceptance is one of those interesting words that people like to pick apart through ands and buts and whens. "I accept it, but..." "I can accept this and..." "I'll accept it when..." That's only conditional acceptance, at best. It's okay to not like what you are accepting, as a matter of fact, no one ever said that you had to. It's even okay to want something to be different. But the trick lies in how much time are you spending in the space of true acceptance, and how much time are you spending in the wishing something were different part? And how much energy are you spend fantasizing or ruminating over all of the ways you wish and hope and pray for it to be different? We are being reminded and called through this card to release the resistance or desire of wishing things to be different and just totally trusting and accepting things exactly as they are. In a Universe which runs on and functions in Divine Order, chances are that they are as they are for a reason and if things are not great, it is merely a prelude of greater things to come through this wholesome acceptance. Once we release any desire of possible outcomes (especially things going exactly as we want them to or believe we need them to), and we fully surrender in acceptance to the Divine Plan, things have a habit of working out even better than we ever could have imagined. Positive solutions can more easily flow to us when we're in a state of acceptance. It's a means of dropping any self constructed barriers to solutions and allowing ourselves to energetically welcome in new and creative answers and solutions. Accepting how things are does not have to be a negative thing or yield a negative outlook. It doesn't mean that you shut off or tune out Divine inspiration or partnership. Peace comes through acceptance, and breakthroughs arrive through a peaceful state of mind and being.

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