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The Dawn of Something New

Our Divine Download for Tuesday April 14, 2020 is Cycle/New Beginnings indicating The Start of Something Big from The Quantum Oracle Cards. Wonder and newness is dawning for you very, very soon. Sometimes wonder and newness and new beginnings walk side by side with endings, or at the very least shifts. This can be indicative that you will be adding to your life experience. Be ready, get ready, for something new and exciting on the horizon. Keep your eyes and heart open for opportunities to start something new. The energy is available for great value added experiences emerging through this new beginning. If you have been caught in a cycle of frustration, where nothing has gone right or well, or as planned for you, this is a time for persistence not desperation, and a time for continued meaningful action through intention. Be confident in your actions. Be confident in your intentions. Be confident and be at peace with the knowledge and the certainty and the surety that your New Beginning is in fact happening. Make sure that any frustrated energies do not distract or dissuade you from acknowledging the good things you already have in your life, those things that you want to meaningfully carry over into your new beginning. Focus on your own energy, your own actions, and your own deep love of self, and focus on joy - those things that you can control, as a means to biding your time. Every single day can be a new beginning in this way. One where you create happiness for yourself in the present a

s well as cultivate an unyielding optimism for the future. When you vibrate at this level in your daily life, you draw any new beginnings that you so desire closer to you with each day and within every moment. The affirmation for this car is "I live each day with joy and optimism. A wonderful new beginning is coming my way." And so it is!

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