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The Gift of Release

Our Divine Download for December 25, 2021 is Debt Paid Off from the Magical Messages With the Fairies Oracle Cards. Our Christmas gift this year is freedom and lightness! What could possibly be better?! There is a weight that we have been carrying, whether literal or metaphorical that we are finally able to set down today, we are finally able to free ourselves from the burdens associated with this weight. As we are uplifted naturally in the absence of this weight, we are also being reminded that this is our natural state of being and we are being encouraged to seek out more opportunities to set down old weights and pay off past karmic debts. As we are heading towards the close of this year, ask yourself what can I leave here? Which debts can I potentially pay off? Which debts can I absolve others of? How can I release the weight of karmic burdens? How can I allow myself to feel lighter and freer on a more regular basis? The space that is being cleared for you with the release of the weight of these burdens is nothing short of magical. Allow this magical day to lift you up. Connect with this new, natural state of being. Rise up and allow your spirit to soar. Prepare to fly, because this is your new normal!

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