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The Road Less Traveled

Our Divine Download for September 19, 2020 is Travel from the Spellcasting Oracle Cards. At first glance, this card may seem in opposition to yesterday's Home card. BUT, when traveling it is necessary to have a safe space from which we launch, and will eventually return, and not all travel is literal trips or vacations. Travel here is a bit more figurative. Thinking voyage, passage, movement. And that's just it: we must be willing to move, and we must move when called to do so in order to obtain our desired results. So often we refuse all travel, we refuse to move (even from our couch! or the comfort of our four walls! or out the door!) and we play it safe by sheltering ourselves, free of any kind of movement. But this journey, this travel is guiding us to the path less taken, the road less traveled, and this travel can and will take many different forms. It's time to seek adventure as a means to retreat from the world. Adventure for some could be simply trying a new brand of bath bomb, whereas for others, it may mean zip lining through the tropics. It's time to be the bold explorer, however bold looks for you in your life. When we boldly explore and are willing to move when we are called to do so, it is in these times and spaces that we discover ourselves in a more authentic way. This travel, this boldness, this journey is where the answers will be revealed. Movement also provides the necessary break that you need from the mundane patterns of life Be willing to schedule travel and to take breaks in bold and meaningful ways. Know that you're protected, no matter where you move or where your journey takes you. Travel can bring about the changes that you've asked for as you make the necessary movement on your journey. When you break away from your comfort zone and you stop playing it safe all of the time, freedom is what awaits you at the end of the proverbial road.

Sometimes we avoid the idea of travel, movement, or journeys when we are unclear on where it is we want to go. A Back to Basics Reading will peel back the layers of outside interference and get you back on track.


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