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The Strength and Power of Vigilance

Our Divine Download for November 12, 2002 is Stone People/Vigilance from the Earth Magic Oracle Cards. We tend to have a negative connotation for the word "vigilance." The need for vigilance doesn't stem from fear, worry, or paranoia, but rather the need to stay open, be open to opportunities to come in to us and for us. This is a vigilance of balance, involving all of our senses, and all of our means of receiving. Open up your mind, all of your senses, and your heart as information may be presented and received through your eyes, ears, physical sensations, detached thoughts, or your emotions. Vigilance and openness in this way allows you to better follow those gut feelings and inner knowings about people, situations, and things. But, we often forget that vigilance and openness in this way also allows and even ushers in opportunities that may enhance your life or the life of others. Stay vigilant, stay open to those opportunities. Information may present in pieces or as clues, but when you pay attention, maintaining your vigilance to what is going on around and inside of you, you are better able to notice those pieces and sort through those clues. You must also mitigate any conditioned responses that you may have to information before you can fully process and access it. Assess everything from an instinctual and intuitive basis, using harmony of heart and mind. There is great strength in remaining openly vigilant. You are being asked to model the strength and connection that the ancient stone people show through their interaction with all of the elements of the Earth that shaped them, as those same elements interact with and shape us, usually without much awareness on our parts. Detach from your ego based conditioned responses, and take a breath, breathing down and opening to the elements and multi-sensory opportunities that are being offered to you. Then stand tall rooted firmly and steadily in the power of your vigilance.

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