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The Truth Shall Set You Free

Our Divine Download for January 15, 2024 is Truth from the Self-Care Wisdom Cards. Truth tells us "Truth is different at different levels of consciousness. Reserve judgement." Holy smokes is that a profound statement! I frequently have conversations with friends and clients who are upset because they are convinced that they have been lied to by people in their lives. The message that comes through over and over again is that they were not lied to, but that the people in their lives told them their version of events, or the so-called truth, as they see it or saw it, which is of course through their individual lens of interpretation. No two lenses of interpretation will ever be the same, so no two truths will ever be identical. It reminds me of the line in Jesus Christ Superstar "We both have truths, are mine the same as yours?" Usually not. And that's okay. When we can step back and look at situations through the reality of where people are in the evolution of their consciousness (which is rarely at or on the same level that we are) we can learn that there is no malicious intent at play and that foundationally, where we perceive some people as failing to tell the truth may be nothing more than a misalignment of consciousness, frequency, or vibrational level. This allows us to show them some grace, rather than getting our panties in a proverbial twist and allows us to react accordingly. It is okay to correct misinterpretation and misalignment of would-be facts, but this outlook allows us to do so in a loving way where we are uplifting and guiding, rather than being reactionary and angry.

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