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The Waiting Game

Our Divine Download for July 27, 2020 is Wait from the Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards with the message "Don't rush into action right now. Bide your time for better results." There's a subtle suggestion between yesterday's card and today's card that calls for rest. Yesterday's card was all about dreams, and even day dreaming is a more restful action. Today's card is telling us that no action is in our best interest right now. There is a passive action that occurs while we're waiting, especially if we use that time wisely to rest to prepare to plan, to evaluate, and simply to wait for things to come in line in an even better way than current circumstances. Wait is not a no card. Wait is a pause card. A pause and prepare before you charge ahead card. A nothing needs to be done right this second as better timing will soon be at hand card. A things are aligning in beautiful ways behind the scenes card. That's a lot of activity for what seems like a passive card! The wait card is also telling you to to be discouraged. If anything it is telling you that things will go even better than you had anticipated one the time to act is upon you. The wait card isn't telling you to do nothing and it ultimately encourages you to use your time wisely. You want to use your "down time," your "wait time" to position yourself even better and prepare even further. Sometimes the waiting is the difference between having a good result or a great result, but more often it's the difference between having a fair result and having a spectacular result because that's the difference the wait makes. Waiting can also be the difference between moving forward in a challenging way where ultimately you succeed, but everything is a huge struggle and takes huge amounts of effort, and moving forward in the calm fluid waters of blissful divine timing where everything runs smooth like butter. Why churn through the turbulent struggles of not quite ripe timing when you just don't have to?! This wait, this pause, this ripening period is a blessing in disguise. Take advantage of the respite offered and just let it flow as it is ready.

When time is of the essence and you're trying to get a handle on timing, or trying to figure out the order of operations, or simply trying to figure out what you can do and where you can focus during a cosmically prescribed down time, a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading can offer specific action steps and time sensitive helpful guidance to get you through. Book a Session Here!


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