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Time To Learn Your Truths!

Our Divine Download for December 11, 2022 is Spiritual Understanding from the Archangel Oracle Cards. Archangel Raziel says "I am bringing your esoteric information and symbols, and helping you understand spiritual truths." There is always so much more to life than what meets the eye. But we tend to ignore, or not investigate, not seek to understand, that which we cannot see or do not inherently instantly understand. Part of why we are here, as spiritual beings having a human experience is to remember our spiritual nature and our spiritual origins. We have become disconnected from in in this incarnation and through this environment which does not value spirituality and esoteric information. How much time have you devoted in your life time to cultivating spiritual understanding? How much time are you willing to donate to your spiritual understanding now? When we choose to lean in and focus on esoteric concepts, our spiritual learning just sort of starts to happen. All it takes is that conscious choice and commitment, and the willingness to be open to that learning. We are at a point in our lives where we will benefit immensely from continuing to grow and develop our spiritual understanding and Archangel Raziel is here to assist us with that process. Are you willing to tune into your own spiritual truth and show up for yourself this way? Can you really afford not to at this juncture in your life?

We tend to empower doubt more than faith and it can be tricky to believe when we have been taught not to. Your Angels will provide you Spiritual Action Steps to help you connect and increase your spiritual understanding while buoying your faith. Schedule Your 60 Minute Angel Card Reading Today: Book Your Session HERE!

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