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Timeless Wisdom

Our Divine Download for May 12, 2020 is Wisdom "Have you ever been told that you're wise beyond your years? Now is the time to call upon your inner fairy wisdom to help you with a challenge" from the Oracle of the Fairies. If you are having difficulty connecting with or recognizing your own inner wisdom, go out in nature and connect with the wisdom of nature. The wisdom of nature is reflected within and without. Animals, plants, elements all possess an inherent wisdom and are all there for you to connect with. Nature is always willing to share her wisdom. She is always accessible to you. Nature can help guide you back to your own inner wisdom when you cannot feel it or seem to find it. Your own inner wisdom is natural and timeless and doesn't need to be explained or defended. It *feels* differently than conventionally defined wisdom. It feels free and easy and natural. When we are facing challenging situations, the true challenge becomes any disconnect we experience from our own inner wisdom. Things flow much better and more easily when we remain mindfully connected to our inner wisdom. When you are experiencing challenges, take a minute and assess whether it is the situation that is truly challenging, or you are feeling challenged because you are experiencing a disconnect as well. Often solutions lie in the breakdown and separation of our alleged challenges. Our guides can also help us to recognize and reconnect to our own innate wisdom. Ask them to show you the way. Ask them to enhance your connection. Ask them to help you to keep that connection strong and untainted. Recognize your own inner wisdom for what it is and for its basis in divine connection. Celebrate it. Allow and encourage it's true full expression. Don't cheapen it by doubting it or discredit it by failing to recognize it. Don't allow it to be polluted by the input or opinions of others. Guard it as though it is a sacred well within you. Honor it as such!


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