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Transform Through Acceptance and Integration

Our Divine Download for March 25, 2021 is Rattlesnake from the Messages from your Animal Spirit Guides Oracle Cards. Rattlesnake alerts us that any tension or turmoil that we may be experiencing or may have experienced recently is preparing us to shed our skins in order to initiate us within our new form into the new leveled-up version of our lives which is focused on healing and wholeness. Rattlesnake venom can be a powerful medicine or it can be deadly. There is great dichotomy that exists for our Rattlesnake friend, and there is also great dichotomy within the healing taking place in our own lives. There are always two sides to a coin. There is always a skillful and an unskillful expression of any of our skills or personality traits. Ultimately the goal for both Rattlesnake and for us is integration of all facets of self into healing and wholeness in balance. We cannot deny the challenging or less than complimentary aspects of our personalities, just as Rattlesnake cannot deny the poison potential of his venom. But, when we look to achieve mastery over those parts of ourselves, we become more powerful in their healed and balanced expressions. This is not easy, and these particular types of challenges can create intense internal friction. But the rewards for working through that friction are immense and out of those rewards is where the potential for meaningful transformation is born. But we have to face our own darkness in order to be able to transform it into the light. We have to accept those parts of ourselves that may bite, sting, or even potentially be deadly. Rattlesnake does not deny those parts of himself, and merely incorporates all of those parts as sums of the greater whole. When we can love ourselves and shine through those parts of ourselves which we have in the past denied, miraculous transformation can and will occur. By shedding the skin of negative self judgement of any parts of ourselves, we emerge intregrated, whole, and healed on the other side of this transformational process feeling more like ourselves and in better touch with our own innate abilities than at any time previous.

Energy work can help us accept all of the parts of ourselves and remove any energetic blocks that we may have set up within ourselves to segregate those parts of ourselves we didn't previously approve of. An Integrative Reiki Session is a wonderfully relaxing way to promote self healing and support our transformation process. Book your session Here!


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