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Transform Your Perspective

Our Divine Download for April 28, 2022 is Transform With Raven from the Earthcraft Oracle Cards. Raven is a symbol of transcendence and new perspective. Ravens are intelligent and able to quickly adapt to changing circumstances. Ravens see potential where others may only see uselessness. Raven reminds you that you always have more available to you than you know. Welcome Raven's inventiveness and resourcefulness to connect to that which is unseen by your current perspective and within your current situation. Raven tends to think outside the box and challenges you to do so as well. As yourself "Where can I shift my consciousness to help me solve this problem?" Perhaps instead of trying to go through, it is possible to go around, below, or above some of the circumstances which you find yourself challenged by. Ask yourself "Is there something I already have that can be reinvented and used for a different purpose to help me now?" Raven also reminds you that being resourceful doesn't mean that you have all of the answers. There is strength and intelligence in asking for guidance from other people, Mother Earth, and your Angels and Guides when you don't know what comes next. There are certainly times to stand alone, but it's also okay to seek communal resources that can benefit the good of all involved. Raven uses all of the resources at its disposal and encourages you to connect to all of your available resources, seen and unseen, and to do the same.

Sometimes stuck energies can challenge our perspective and in moving those energies with an Integrative Reiki Session we can experience a truly profound shift in perspective. Schedule Your Integrative Reiki Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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