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Treasure Your Abundance

Our Divine Download for July 30, 2020 is Treasure Chest from the Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards. An unforeseen windfall of abundance glows from within the newly discovered, newly opened treasure chest on our card. Have you looked for abundance everywhere? Have you considered taking a lighthearted treasure seeking approach to looking for abundance? (Hmmmm, that sounds like it could be playful...) Abundance truly is all around us. We live on an abundant planet in an abundant Universe. If you are ever in serious doubt of your own true state of abundance, take a pair of scissors outside and start to cut your lawn, one blade of grass at a time. That type of overwhelming abundance is seriously ALL around us ALL of the time. But we disconnect form it and doubt it because we forget to look for it, forget to notice it, forget to discover it. Well, here's your reminder. Starting right here, right now, start to take an honest inventory of the natural abundance of our planet, and the abundance that you have in your own life. Yeah, it might start out by you only noticing the so-called "negative" abundance of the dishes in your kitchen sink or the laundry you need to do, or the kids toys that need to be picked up, but even in taking those inventories and opening your eyes and looking, you begin to attune to abundance. Abundance in it's truest form cannot be positive or negative. You'll begin to recognize abundance in places that you hadn't previously looked. In doing so, you'll be inspired to look for, or be open to seeing, abundance and opportunities that will naturally provide greater abundance, in places that you never would have suspected, in ways that are both surprising and delightful. Consider it an Abundance Treasure Hunt. But this is a treasure hunt that does not have to end and just keeps leveling up in all areas of your life. Where will you find your windfall of abundance today?

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