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Our Divine Download for April 11, 2023 is Trust from the Angel Answers Oracle Cards. Trust. Such a beautiful, simple word. Yet sometimes such a difficult and challenging concept. Humans are pretty simplistic creatures. We believe what we can see. We accept the tangible. Yet trust asks us to believe, and even to be willing to receive that which we cannot see, hear, touch, taste, or smell - yet. We humans are also very black and white in our thinking when it comes to things like planes or existence and time and space. So when we are asked to trust the universe, to trust our guidance, to trust ourselves, and to believe in things that have not yet shown up in our current reality or in our physical world, it challenges us and asks us to stretch just a little bit. To have some faith. Sometimes to have a lot of faith. But we wouldn't be guided to trust something that wasn't true, that wasn't real, that wasn't coming, that didn't or doesn't exist. That's just not the way the universe works. If we are being guided to trust, then we can believe that what we're being asked to trust is as real as it gets and will show up for us, tangibly in our lives. The universe, our guides, our Angels don't play games and aren't out to trick us or disappoint us or make fools of us. You always have free will choice and with free will choice you can choose whether or not to trust, you can choose whether or not to believe. But I promise you my friends, it is always easier to choose to trust. Trust yourself enough to be willing to know when it is necessary and safe for you to trust in something that is greater than you.

Our Angels know that we mere mortals are trust challenged and they will help us learn to trust and bolster our faith during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Schedule Your Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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