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Trust Your Divine Guidance

Our Divine Download for September 5, 2022 is Trust and Divine Guidance from the Angelic Messenger Cards. Sometimes when cards come up like this it feels live a heavenly mic drop and it really doesn't seem like there's much more to say about the message other than possible "whelp, there you have it!" Consider this your confirmation that the universe has your back. All is well. (ALL. IS. WELL.!!!) Trust. Trust that all is well. Trust that everything is happening in divine timing. Trust that everything is happening for a reason. Trust that there are things being worked out behind the proverbial scenes that you haven't seen tangible proof of yet that are happening for you and on your behalf. Trust the guidance that you get right not. FOLLOW the guidance that you receive, especially now. Trust that there *IS* divine guidance available to you right now, more so than usual. Trust that there is even more divine guidance available to you at this juncture than there typically is. Trust in the process. Trust in your process. Trust in yourself. Trust in your divine connection. Lean into trust. Embody trust. Learn the specific and unique language of trusting the divine and listening to the guidance that comes through for you. When you are able to get out of your way and do so, things will flow so much better and so much more seamlessly than you ever thought possible. Receive your divine guidance. Hear it. Know it. Trust it. Follow it. Even when it seems counter intuitive or batshit crazy. Trust. You've got this. And the universe has you.

As mere mortals, doubt and fear are an ego driven reality that we all have to deal with which can sometimes get the best of us. Our Angels understand our mortality and are happy to buoy our faith and turn up the volume on the divine guidance that they offer during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Schedule Your Session HERE: Book Your Session TODAY!

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