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Trust Your Intuition

Our Divine Download for May 1, 2021 is Moonstone/Heightened Intuition from the Crystal Angel Oracle Cards with the message "Be extra aware of your inner knowingness, as it's trustworthy." Moonstone is a wonderful stone to help you connect with the rhythm and the cycles of the moon, balance your emotions, as well as to help you enhance your own intuitive nature. I'm always surprised by how many people to not see themselves or acknowledge themselves as naturally intuitive. Each and every single one of us were born with a natural intuition. It is one of our senses, and it is meant to work in conjunction with our other senses and our egos in order to help keep us safe. But somewhere along the line in human development, someone decided to ignore and even rebuke our innate intuitive nature, and we just sort of disconnected from it as a whole. Some people have spent nearly their entire life times trying to reconnect with what they've had all along. Others have a very difficult time believing in and validating this part of themselves and actively work to talk themselves out of knowing, feeling, and sensing what they inherently do. This is a reminder that we are beings connected to our intuitive knowing and that we can trust that knowing. We can validate it. We will always be safe when we tap into and follow our intuition. It is safe for us to acknowledge, use, and trust our intuition. It can be difficult to get out of the habit of turning outside of ourselves for validation and for connected information. It can be hard to trust ourselves and our own connection and our own abilities, especially when our egos like to scream at us that we shouldn't trust ourselves in that way. Our Angels and our guides will work with us and support us on our paths if we ask them to. They will work with us and offer signs that we can use as validation and to bolster trust. Make this the lunar cycle, and the month where you connect with and trust your own intuitive powers in a big, bold way. You've had the power all along my dear!

It can be challenging to shush our egos enough to be able to hear our intuition. Our Angels will help us do just that and give us specific action steps to remove doubt about our intuition during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Book Your Session Today: Book Your Session Here!


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