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Turn Up Synchronicity

Our Divine Download for October 15, 2021 is Synchronicity from The Spirit Messages Daily Guidance Oracle Deck. Synchronicity is one of my favorite words, and truly one of my favorite things ever! Synchronicity reminds us that we are all connected and that these connections never weaken or disappear. Synchronicity also reminds us that we are all divinely connected and supported all of the time. Synchronicity is so much more, far more than mere coincidence (a dirty, dirty word in my humble opinion!) Synchronicity highlights our connection and our support, but synchronicities are also orchestrated by the divine! So often we use coincidence, our ego uses coincidence, to talk us out of believing in, acknowledging, or accepting the synchronicities that surround us. Coincidence even feels differently than synchronicity. Coincidence feels contracted, restrictive, cold, and it leaves us in a state of doubt and confusion. Synchronicity feels warm, expansive, enveloping, and it leaves us feeling connected and supported, with very little doubt, but perhaps a bit of natural wonder at how amazing it all is. Coincidence feels jarring and kind of weird. Synchronicity may feel unusual, but it has a beautiful, easy flow to it. This card comes up for us to urge us to pay attention to the synchronicities that abound in our lives, and to alert us that there may be even more of them occurring right now. Synchronicities are beautiful reminders that we are always connected to spirit. They also encourage us to look beyond the normal limitations of the physical world and to consider the spiritual meaning of what is or what is about to happen in your life. Enjoy the flow!

When our ego is raging, it can be hard to accept synchronicity for what it is. Our Angels can help us understand and recognize the signs that they and our guides use to communicate with us during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Book Your Session HERE: Book Your Session TODAY!


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