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Turn Up The Volume On Love In Your Life

Our Divine Download for April 1, 2022 is Love/Compassion from the Earth Magic Oracle Cards. What a lovely way to start our fourth month of the year! When we feel love in our heart, we naturally emit the healing energy of compassion and we also automatically attract love and compassion. Have you checked in with your heart lately? What's there? What is heavy on your heart that you can set down or breathe out? Is there anything there that might need to be amplified? Is there anything there that you have not been sharing which perhaps you need to? Is there old hurt and old pain keeping you blocked or stuck? Have you constructed unnecessary and artificial barriers which are blocking you from the full expression and the full reception of love? How much space is there for the experience and expression of self love? What about compassion? Check in with yourself and see where you are currently ranking on the compassion meter. When you are feeling challenged showing compassion to others, it is a sure sign that you need to show yourself some compassion. Our thinking patterns affect our feelings and our feelings in return create our reality. So when we focus on thinking about love and compassion, connecting to it for self and others, sending it out to the world and actively engaging with those energies and in those spaces, we literally make not only the world, but OUR world a better place and recognize and respect the oneness that we all share. Our heart and heart space are so much more powerful than our brains with regards to both electrical signals and magnetic field so it behooves us to invest our time and energy in operating from the more powerful, more connected heart space than to suffer in our head space. It takes some time, some effort, and commitment, but it can be done!

Love is one of the things that come up most often during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading Session and our Angels often encourage us to engage in more self love and compassion in order to bring more love and more compassion into our lives. Find out which specific Spiritual Action Steps your Angels have for you during your 60 Minute Angel Card Session. Schedule Your Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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