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Universal Support for Your Freedom

Our Divine Download for December 11, 2021 is Freedom and Support from the Healing with the Angels Oracle Cards. You have SO much universal support right now, blessing you, guiding you, watching over you, and protecting you. Rest assured that you are not alone and you are safe. You are being nudged towards liberating yourself in some area of your life. You're being guided to freely express your feelings with love, no matter what the topic at hand or to whom. You needed fear judgement because your universal support team has your back. You may feel trapped right now by circumstances or life conditions. However, you always have free will choice, and as long as you have free will choice, the only area in which you are truly ever trapped is that of your own thinking. When you realize that you have the power to be free, freedom follows, as does the universal support which has always been available to you. Any time you begin a sentence with the phrase "I have to..." your Angels ask you to stop and ask them and the universe to show you some alternatives available to you. They will gladly either inspire alternatives for you or give you guidance which will allow you to do what it is that you must do with a better, more loving mindset so that you don't feel trapped. Ask your Angels and the whole universe to help you in any and all areas of your life in which you feel trapped and in doing so you not only open the doors for true freedom, but you are paving the path towards things that you will absolutely love.

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