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Unleash to Unite

Our Divine Download for November 18, 2021 is The Shekinah/Sacred Self from the Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards. The Shekinah tells us "Unleash your spirit. Express your gifts. Dance to the sacred rhythm of life." The Shekinah is the twin flame of the Holy Spirit. She is more of an essence than a being, but has the ability to show herself in ways that we will understand. She is a powerful female voice of spirit who is here to bring about equality and to help the world move on from the 'male-only' image of God. She reminds us that God is all loving and all accepting. She is here to point out the change-makers, the love creators, and the fit sharers of the world, as we are here to unite all hearts around the world using these tools in this way. What does it meant to you to unleash your spirit? How does that look for you? Does that feel safe to you? Will you give your permission to unleash yourself and your spirit in this way? What does in mean to you to express your gifts? How does that look to you? Are you expressing all of your gifts regularly or just some of them? Are you selective about who you express your gifts to? or when you express them? or how you express them? Do you think you honor your gifts or yourself to hold back your expression in this way? Are you connected to the sacred rhythm of life? Do you hear it and feel it well enough to dance to it? Will you give yourself permission to dance to the sacred rhythm of life? Will you honor yourself and your life in this way? The Shekinah is calling on you to connect both to her spirit, as well as the spirit of the universe, but also to your own divine spirit. She asks you to more fully embody and experience your fine and fabulous self. It is only when we show up in this emboldened, connected way that we can bring to help unite the hearts of the world by recognizing our counterparts. This is how we are being called on to begin shift the focus to equality for all.