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Vulnerability - The Strong Choice

Our Divine Download for October 17, 2020 is Vulnerability from The Spirit Messages Daily Guidance Oracle Deck. So many of us equate vulnerability with weakness and we avoid situations or conditions in which we might feel vulnerable out of fear of that perceived weakness. Feeling vulnerable is not a negative condition. Fact. Are you willing to embrace feeling vulnerable in order to explore new, unfamiliar, uncharted territory? Are you willing to allow your intuition to be your guide in these spaces? True, meaningful change happens through the allowance of vulnerability. Have the confidence and the courage to step into the space of the unknown so that you can begin to experience meaningful positive change. In a vulnerable state, we can better open our minds to receive new opportunities and divine wisdom. Greater strength can be born from the willingness to experience vulnerability because in a vulnerable state we are better able to accurately acknowledge our own limitations. When we acknowledge this valuable information, we can find new ways of doing things which allows us to move forward with more grace and ease. Fear of vulnerability is a major obstacle to inner freedom and it prohibits us from truly knowing, seeing, or experiencing our true authentic self. When you face the fear of vulnerability and are willing to work with it and move through it, you clear the way to build a stronger more meaningful understanding of and connection with self. This process is both liberating and healing. You are being called by Spirit to take the path to finding your freedom. Once you partner with and accept your vulnerability as the true strength that it is, the choice to feel vulnerable as you continue to walk down the path towards freedom will always be yours. And there's no greater strength or power than that of free will choice.

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