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What The World Needs Now

Our Divine Download for August 26, 2020 is Eternal Love from the Archangel Michael Oracle Cards. You are love. I am love. We are love. We come from love. We are love. Everything is rooted in love. But man, you sure wouldn't know that by looking around lately! Rather than noticing and celebrating those commonalities that tie us together (like we are all loved and loving children of the Divine) we are hyper focused of differences and separation and those things that force us apart. And it's not really working for anyone. I don't know a single person right now who feels as though the way things are right now, the way that we are right now is any sort of good way to be. It all starts with tapping back into our roots, our origins, our commonalities, our divinely loving nature. And it continues with us making a conscious effort to be more loving to and with ourselves, and those in our immediate environment each and every single day. And it stretches further when we extend that love and that acceptance to those we interact with, focusing on showing off our loving nature and meeting all people in a space of acceptance and loving kindness. We don't have to agree with someone to show them love, acceptance, or kindness. We don't have to agree with everything someone says or does to show them love, acceptance, or kindness. Somewhere along the line we have forgotten that. Somewhere along the line we have very much made our love, our kindness, and especially our acceptance conditional on matching our similarities, thoughts and beliefs. We have a whole lot of reasons and we will argue deeply held beliefs and morals to justify our denied love, kindness and acceptance, And ultimately that's all just horseshit. The prayer on this card can help with this: Help me perceive all of the love that surrounds me so that I can feel safe receiving, expressing, and giving love." Focus on the love. Focus on sharing the love. It's what the world needs now.

When we find ourselves stuck in cycles of being unloving and non-acceptance and it feels difficult to show kindness to others, it can be because we've taken on harsh energies or even received harsh judgement from others that has lodged in our energy fields. It can be helpful to check in with our Angels during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading to break out of these uncomfortable ruts. Book a Session!

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