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Will You Welcome?

Our Divine Download for January 2, 2021 is Welcome The New from the Butterfly Oracle for Life Changes. The NEW is here!! Have you welcomed it? Are you ready to welcome it? Do you know what it means to welcome it? If someone came to visit you would you stand at your door cataloging your disappointments or struggles from the last time someone else visited you, anticipating that it would be more of the same? Probably not! You would greet them, you would welcome them with open arms and enthusiasm. You would gladly receive them (which is one of the definitions of welcome!) Sometimes we don't allow the New to come in, because we aren't willing to welcome it, much less allow it to be present. When we are so focused on what has been, it sets expectations that what is to come will not be new, but be more of the same. I don't think a single one of us really wants to start 2021 unintentionally marinating in more of the same from 2020. So let's allow things to be New. Let's realize that we cannot go back, we can only go forward. Let's focus on what we can control within our orb of influence and certainly our outlook and our expectations fall into this category. Sometimes we unintentionally block the New simply by having any expectations at all. When our flowers come up through the latent wintered ground in the spring would we ever experience or express disappointment because something bloomed that we were not expecting? Absolutely not! We'd be delighted because the flower bloomed and probably even be tickled by their uniqueness. Can we shift and alter our perspective and our expectations to have the same reaction to the things that will bloom and grow in our lives? Can we loosen our grip on control and our need to anticipate and dictate outcomes in order to allow the NEW to arrive according to the Universe's schedule and time table rather than the one that we drive ourselves crazy trying to stick to and force? Can we anticipate the unknown with delight rather than dread? Are we truly willing to welcome the New if it isn't the New that we decide, demand, and dictate? Big questions! How you choose to answer these questions will dictate much of your experience this year. The New is here. It's ready for you now. How will you welcome it?

Perspective can be a tricky thing to shift, especially coming off of some of the challenges that our previous year brought us. If you are wanting to shift your perspective from willing to welcoming, a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading can be just the ticket to allow your Angels to help you with this process! Book Yours Today


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