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Wish With A Pure Heart

Our Divine Download for April 17, 2021 is Pure Intention from the Oracle of the Fairies. Our Pure Intention Fairy brings us the message "The fairy of manifestation will help you to use your wishes wisely. Manifest your heart's desire with pure intention for the highest good of all." When we wish as children, be it on a dandelion floof, in a fountain or wishing well, or even on the stars, we wish from a place of childlike innocence and completely pure intention. We wish from our heart centers and we wish big, bold, beautiful wishes that will make our hearts soar. Then we become adults, and something sometimes gets lost in translation. Some of us might forget to wish completely. Some might wish, but not from a heart centered space. Some of us might wish for stop gap measures just to "make do" and wishes to "make do" will simply never do! Often, many of us wish involving other people. And while we may label them wishes, the reality is that really it's a futile effort to shape the choices and bend the free will of others by exerting universal power and control. And it just won't work. It CAN'T ever work! Free will choice of ALL people is a hard and fast Universal law, one that even our Angels and guides cannot bend nor break. EVER. Not under ANY circumstances. And honestly, when it comes to wishes, the Universe simply does not care about those other people. Wishes and manifestations are between you and the Universe. Introducing a third party into your wishing or manifestation efforts is truly an effort in futility. Why? Because manifestation is ALL about the Universe matching your vibration. Not anyone else's. Just. Yours. Wishing is simply a form of, or one method of manifestation. When we hold pure intention and we wish for what we really want in our heart centers, the Universe can recognize and match our vibration SO much easier than when we're trying to muddy it up by hitching our wishin' wagons to others. Even those people that we jive and vibe with so succinctly that we feel like they are just OUR people, are never 100% matched to us vibrationally. They just can't be. They aren't us. They haven't lived our unique lives or been colored by our unique experiences. So keep your wishes simple, heart centered, and all about you. This is where you will find pure intent. And this is where you will find your greatest manifestation magic.

We live in a society that encourages us to be so focused on others to such an extent that it can be difficult to re-frame our thinkin' and our wishin' to allow us to focus solely on self. Our Angels are not only master manifestation supporters, but expert re-framers. Check in with them during a 60 Minute Angel Card Session. Book your session today: Book Your Session Here!


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