Work For Your Upcoming Abundance

Our Divine Download for May 13, 2022 is Lakshmi from the Legendary Ladies Goddess Deck. Lakshmi is a Hindu goddess of fortune and prosperity who fortells that abundance is coming very soon and assures us that abundance is available to ALL of us. ALL. OF. US. No exceptions and no exemptions. Lakshmi particularly enjoys bestowing a bounty of rewards for hard work and she particularly favors people who have perseverance and have put in the hard work and the time. So ask yourself when it comes to those situations in your life which maybe feel less than prosperous or less than abundance "Have I done the footwork?" and be truly honest with yourself if you have truly done *all* of the footwork and followed *all* of the guidance that you have received. Sometimes we can delay our own manifestations by picking and choosing which guidance we follow and what work we do and that usually doesn't work terribly well with our partnership with the universe. We can get in our own ways by justifying why we only want to do certain things and even by making excuses for why there are obstacles or barriers for certain other things we are called on to do. The energy of abundance and rewards of Lakshmi don't resonate particularly well with the energies of excuses or justifications. We live on an abundant planet in an abundant universe and that abundance is a universal truth and part of our birth right. If you are not seeing it or experiencing it in your own life, it could be time to call on goddess Lakshmi and ask for her help in redefining your relationship with or definition of abundance. Because it's here for us all and it's coming at you right about now.

Abundance can be a tricky construct for a lot of people and sometimes it is because we carry the ancestral dna and cellular memory of poverty consciousness within our own bodies which stems from our families of origin. Sometimes energetic cord cuttings are necessary in order to free ourselves to create and embrace the universe truth of our divine rite abundance. Schedule Your Energetic Cord Cutting Today: Book Your Session HERE!