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Work Hard, Play Harder (and with those your most care for!)

Our Divine Download for June 28, 2023 is The Ten of Earth from the Guardian Angel Messages Tarot. In other tarot interpretations this would be the ten of coins, ten of pentacles, ten of autumn, or ten of Archangel Ariel. The Ten of Earth is the "Happy Family" card of tarot and is all about prosperity, security, and tradition. Often this card comes up for us when our families, whether that be family of origin or family of choice, are figuring prominently in our current plans, but in a positive way. It is a joyous card, a card of success and contentment, sort of our reward after working our way through the issues and challenges within the suit of Earth. There is an element to the Ten of Earth that is about reaping the rewards of our labor. We work hard, not to keep working, but to enjoy our lives. The Ten of Earth gives us the opportunity to do just that with the people who are important to us, the people that we carry nearest and dearest and closest in our heart space. When the Ten of Earth comes up, not only do we get to spend our time with our family (however we define that) but we also may receive additional visitation or support from our deceased loved ones as well, giving us those proverbial pats on the back and congratulating us for a job well done. We may need to prioritize setting aside the time that we will spend with our loved ones, as it may not simply be handed to us, but it is up to us to decide within our own lives what we value most (Hint: it shouldn't ever be work!)

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