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Work On & Exercise Mindful Focus

Our Divine Download for January 4, 2021 is New Career and New Exercise Program from the Butterfly Oracle for Life Changes. I can hear the collective groans from here that we got an exercise card so early in 2021, and the very next day following the forgiveness card. These two cards are effectively asking you what you want to choose to WORK ON and EXERCISE within your own life. All of the orange of these beautiful butterflies is absolutely a call to action and representative of the movement that our sacral chakra is craving to move forward. We often think of work as merely that place we go (or log into of late) to do the day-to-day work for which we earn a paycheck that sustains us on the earthy plane. But there is SO much more to "work," so many more types of work, and these cards are asking you to hone your focus and sharpen your perspective in terms of what you work on in the more macrocosmic arena of your life. Similarly, with exercise, we think about exercise as something that we do in a gym, a class, or on a treadmill, but we can choose (or choose not to) exercise any single skill we have in any area of our lives. That's a whole heck of a lot of choice! Sometimes, all of those choices weaken our focus and cause us confusion, turmoil and overwhelm. Especially this time of year, I see a lot of people set resolutions (a word I do not particularly care for) to do so many different things that they inadvertently sabotage themselves before they even begin because it simply isn't realistic to work on or exercise so many different, especially new things at once. Here's a hint: it's neither helpful nor realistic to try to work on or exercise all of them at once. We don't have to do all of the things today. We don't have to get all of the things right today. We don't have to work on all of the things today.