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Workin' On Faith

Our Divine Download for July 28, 2020 is Have Faith from the Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards with the message "Your prayers are manifesting. Remain positive, and follow your guidance!" Psssttttttt! Hey! You! You know that sign that you were looking for that everything is going to be okay? That things are going to work out? That all of your dreams are coming true! It's here. Right. HERE! Your prayers are manifesting. Your hard work is paying off. Your wishes are coming true. BUT, (yes, there's always a but...) There's still a lil bit of work that you have to do in order to make it happen. This is officially your "in your face" sign that negativity all but kills your manifestations. You cannot match a negative vibration with anything other than less than ideal manifestations because that's how the law of attraction works. So, whatever it takes, you are being put on notice right here, right now, that it is super duper important to keep your attitude positive to match the positive things that you are wanting to attract into your life. Treat it like it's your job (because it basically is). Because, when you are in that negative space, you can't receive the guidance that you are being instructed to follow. You see when we want something, when we truly want something, and we ask for it, we don't just get to sit idly back and wait for it to be magically delivered to us. We have to do our part. A big part of our role is to follow our guidance, whatever it may be, whether or not it makes sense to us at the time. If we don't do our part and we don't follow our guidance, we fail to position ourselves in the appropriate way to receive the blessings that we have asked for. So they might show up for us, but we might not be there because we didn't follow our guidance. Or, they might show up for us, and we're literally unable to receive because we didn't follow our guidance or do the necessary footwork for readiness. You've gotta do the footwork. Always. But, it all starts with having faith. Nothing can be accomplished through doubt and darkness. Keep it positive. Follow the guidance. And most of all, embrace that faith!

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