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Move With The Stealth & Cunning Of The Fox

Our Divine Download for May 8, 2024 is Fox from The Sacred Cycles Oracle. The fox is able to see what is in alignment for you. Foxes are quietly cunning creatures of the forest and fox knows best how to move in silence. Part of fox's message for you is that you do not have to announce your moves and in some situation or situations in your life you may do better to move in silence at the present time. They observe and assess their options, never straying too far from the safety of their den. With a keen awareness of the possibilities they can pursue, fox sets their sights on a particular hunt and tracks it with calm certainty and concentration. You are being reminded of ways you can explore an interest by beginning with curiosity (it beats the hell out of worry!) Instead of blasting out of the proverbial gates, this is an invitation to start an endeavor with a slow-and-steady approach. With this mindset, you'll be gifted the chance to truly take notice of whether this new quest is in alignment. If you come to find that it's not the right direction for you, you will be primed to shift course with ease. Fox teaches you that not everything is worth the chase, and sometimes it takes a few tries to find what is most deserving of your focus (so give yourself some grace if you don't know what is best to focus on out of the gate). Look at what is arising and new within your world, getting curious about which tracks are yours to follow. What opportunities do you have in front of you to choose from? Which ones feel the most in alignment? That is where you should be investing your energy at this time.

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