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Worry Be Gone

Our Divine Download for March 22, 2022 is Celestite/Soothe your soul from the Daily Crystal Inspiration Oracle Cards. Celestite is a wonderful stone that connects us naturally and easily with our Angels and offers us a higher perspective, higher vibration, and reminds us that not everything is as it seems on our lowly earth plane. Trust that things happen in life for a reason. Yes, all things. Instead of worrying about the unknown, try tapping into trust instead because Celestite reminds us that the universe has our back. Most of the time the things that we worry about don't actually end up happening anyway and we waste SO much time and SO much energy stressing over something that we had little to any control over to begin with. Be willing to take necessary action when and where you can to help or change the outcome of a situation. If you cannot take action, try to replace anxiety and tension with more positive thoughts. Anything you can do to level up your thoughts even a little bit will change the energy of the entire dynamic. Soothe your mind with the awareness and belief that all will be okay in the end, as it always is, because the universe unfolds exactly as it should. And in the meantime you have an army of Angels to help guide you through whatever challenges you should face that might come up for you. Ask yourself "How does worry serve me?" Figure out what you can tell yourself to ease your worries in order to gain control over your thoughts rather than allowing them to control you. Affirm: "I trust that all will be well." Just for today, let for of a worry by finding a reason to fill up that space with hope instead.

Worry not only gunks up your mind, but it settles into your body and gunks up your chakra system too. A Flower Therapy Chakra Reading can provide you will simple Spiritual Action Steps to help you move that worry energy and any corresponding gunk right out of your entire system. Schedule Your Flower Therapy Chakra Reading Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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