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Worship At Your Sacred Temple

Our Divine Download for August 30, 2021 is Sacred Temple from the Earthcraft Oracle Cards. Yesterday we were focused on our inner healing, and today we are being gently remind that our body is not only a temple, but a sacred temple. Do you treat your body as the temple that it is? Do you honor and nourish your body as though it is sacred and holy? How often do you show gratitude to your body for it's work in sustaining you on and connecting you to the earth plane? This card is meant to lovingly and gently guide you back toward the path of self-respect and self-validation. It is time to connect to your physical body in a more profound way than you have in the past. It is time do feel the power, your power, as well as the power of the entire universe radiating from and through your skin. Your physical body is a tangible record of each and every ancestor who has ever walked the earth plane before you. You are not only honoring your physical body, but your ancestral heritage and it is meant to be honored with power and with pride. When you dress, adorn your body as if you are preparing an alter. Take the time to pamper yourself and show your body loving, and even ritualistic care in your bathing and dressing process. Only wear clothes that make you feel beautiful and powerful. As you care for and nurture your physical body, your sacred temple in this way, you will become better able to silence that pesky inner critic, the one who forgets that you are a magnificent being capable of moving mountains. You are worthy of reverence and care and as a loved and loving child of the universe, your value is intrinsic. Honor every part of yourself, in every way, and only choose to share yourself with those who will do the same.