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You Are (Extra) Protected

Our Divine Download for July 30, 2022 is Angelic Protection from The Angel Guide Oracle. Angels are always with you and always protecting you and always watching over you. This card puts us on notice that we have extra protection surrounding us right now and at our disposal. Our Angels want us to know that they are guiding and guarding us and that we are safe. Regardless of whether you may feel worried about physical, emotional, or spiritual harm, this card is confirming that you have strong and solid spiritual protection. You are being supported and led towards positive experiences and outcomes and you have nothing to worry about at this time (or ever for that matter!) If you have have opportunities coming up or decisions to consider and just aren't sure which direction to take or how to move, know that this card is bringing you comfort and support as well as guidance. Your Angels are always with you and they only require that you ask, regardless of how that looks for you, before they will swoop down on in and guide you more directly. For some, that asking looks like a prayer, for others it's just literally saying "please help me," but it doesn't matter how you ask, it simply matters that you do. Free will choice is a hard and fast universal law that our Angels cannot break even in order to intercede on our behalf. I like to start my day by thanking my Angels (thanking is asking in the affirmative!) for all of their help on that given day, and especially for helping me with all of the things and in all of the ways that I forget to ask them for help with - some might consider it a lil bit of a cheat, but hey, I'm still asking! Your Angels encourage you to ask and to ask often in whatever ways may work for you. You are protected. The worst is not behind you and you are now ready to move beyond the challenges that you have been facing. The past is gone and your Angels are encouraging you to let it go. All is well!

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