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You Are Protected Through Change

Our Divine Download for July 16, 2021 is Protected from the Life Purpose Oracle Cards bringing us the message "You are safe and supported while you change your career." No, not everyone receiving this message is going to change or shift their career, but, anyone who sees this message can rest assured that you are in fact protected regardless of which changes you choose to make in your life right now. As a matter of fact, there are specific guardian angels working with you to help support you in making changes in your life that bring you more closely in line with your life purpose. So, if you have been thinking about possibly making a change, now is absolutely, definitely the time to do so. And if you have been feeling out of alignment, or even out of sorts, that is your sign from the universe that it is necessary for you to make some changes. Often times we resist making changes, especially big ticket types of changes, because we worry, and our monkey mind takes over and convinces us that we won't be okay. But we're being assured that when we make these changes, we are going to be divinely protected which means that everything will be much, much better than simply okay. Rather than being bound or stuck by with worry energy, this is the perfect time for us to cut through that energy and to make changes and choices based on what feels good and what feels right to us right now. And hey, if our job, even our career, isn't ticking that "feels good to us" box, then it is absolutely the right time to look into which changes we can make there. Our life purpose is bigger than what we do or where we work. Yes, it's lovely when our divine right purpose can align with what we do or where we work, but it doesn't always have to, as long as the other areas of our lives support that. So, it's time to evaluate and make whichever changes we need to make in order to better align with our divine right purpose, knowing that we are completely, beautifully, and thoroughly protected as we do.

When we do what we have always done, which is maybe exactly what our ancestors always did, we can drift away from our life purpose and we might not have a clear or specific ideas as to what our life purpose even is. A 60 Minute Angel Card Reading can clear that up for us and provide us any necessary action steps to help us come into better alignment with our life purpose. Book Your Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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