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You Are Safe & Extra Protected!

Our Divine Download for June 30, 2023 is Protection/I Am Safe from The Divine Beloved Oracle Cards. You know that thing that you've been worried about? You can go ahead and stop that needless worrying about it right about now. This is your sign from the universe that you are safe. You are protected. So is your family and your loved ones. You're good. You're all good. As a matter of fact you are actually experiencing a cycle of an extra layer of protection right about now, so you're like really, really good! You're not just protected from whatever it is you've been worrying about or have been concerned about, from that thing or those things that are taking up needless space in your brain, but you are protected from every little thing right now, ALL of the negative energies. You're sort of energetically untouchable (this is not your sign or in any way giving you carte blanche permission to go do stupid shit, so don't just go doing stupid shit!) Whatever ancestral or family karma that may have existed for you in the past that may have been involved in attracting negative types of energies or situations is moving right on out of your life for good. You are transformed, and you are protected. You are safe. All is well!

When we don't feel safe, we store the energy of that lack of safety, that trauma in our bodies and it can cause all kinds of dis-comfort and dis-ease. An Integrative Reiki Session will roto-rooter out those past energies in a gentle and relaxing way creating space for your newfound safety and new way of being. Schedule Your Integrative Reiki Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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