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You're GOOD!

Our Divine Download for May 30, 2024 is The Good/I Am Inherently Good from The Mary Magdalene Oracle. If we let it, the fact that we are Good - that truth alone - can transform our entire lives. We can let of of the guilt, the shame, the feeling of not being enough or of being far too much. We can let go of the idea that we are somehow less, or worth less because we are human. We can let go of the idea that god is a divine being who is way up there, way beyond us and out of our reach. We can let go of this idea of a spiritual hierarchy, this idea that somehow we are ranked on some vertical axis from most saintly at the very top to the worst and most sinful at the very bottom. We can let go of this constant struggle to feel goof, and we can begin to remember the truth that we are Good. We are a part of the ultimate Good. And this is both our truth to claim and our purpose to live. #facts The Good belongs to every nature. This is important to emphasize the Good here isn't earned. The Good belongs to us, within us. The Good is inherent in what it means to be human. Start here - you are Good. #facts Let that truth guide you. Let that truth remind you of who you are, and of your purpose here on earth. You are inherently Good. And with that goodness you will see all of creation differently. You will see that every nature, every modeled form, every creature belongs to the same goodness that you are. What Good can you see in yourself in this very moment?

Sometimes we have difficulty associating ourselves with Good because we take on behavioral patterns and experiences from our ancestral line and family of origin and sometimes these are even passed down through cellular memory. An Energetic Cord Cutting can help to free us of those patterns that are not ours and certainly do not and should not define who we are. Schedule Your Energetic Cord Cutting TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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