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You're Ready to Roll!

Our Divine Download for October 31, 2023 is The Wheel of Fortune from The Halloween Tarot. The Wheel of Fortune is another one of those big deal, major change, major arcana cards. The great thing about the Wheel of Fortune is that this wheel says that things are finally getting rolling, often times after a period of delay or stagnation (and the associated frustration), and that they can only roll forward. The Wheel of Fortune cannot roll backwards because you cannot ever go back from where you've come, as you're simply not still the same person that you were when you were there before. So there is an "onward and upward" type energy with the Wheel of Fortune. It is a positive card, heralding a positive change, at a positive time, and in a positive direction. What could possibly be better than that?! Do not let your limiting beliefs about how far this situation can come or how significantly it can move forward delay your inevitable blessings or this wonderful time. The other wonderful thing about the Wheel of Fortune is that once it gets rolling, not only will it never roll backwards (even if it seems to get stuck for a minute or two), but it often encourages movement in other areas of your life so that other situations, even unrelated situations also roll forward. The Wheel of Fortune is a sure sign that better, brighter, easier, smoother times are rolling in, and that the best is truly yet to come. So do what you have to do in order to get rolling!

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