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Your Dreams Are Supported Right Into Reality

Our Divine Download for August 9, 2022 is Butterfly Fairy from the Woodland Wisdom Oracle Cards. the Butterfly Fairy appears to help as your life changes. You are at a turning point in your. Allow yourself to wake up to the "news" that the universe and God are with you and fully support you as they do for all creatures of the universe. Your connection to your creator will help you move forward with a new zest for the life that you are living. You are being asked to give your all in all that you do right now in a mindful and committed way. You are being empowered from source to be a success. Allow this to happen. Embrace this experience and these changes. If you have held back in the past, whether it was at work, or in relationships, or any other aspects of your life, you are being told that this is absolutely not the time to do this. It is imperative that you take forward whatever energy is appropriate for your life as you are setting the tone for your future. If in the past, you have not seen the importance of moving forward in your life because you have not seen the possibilities of what that forward movement and momentum could bring to your life, but not movement is imperative and you are being guided to move even if you do not yet see the glorious place to which you are moving. It is necessary for you to take forward your worth to a new level, where you will feel on par with the world and are able to bring forward a whole new area of development. What was out of reach, and even out of sight in the past, is now your reality if you will just get moving. Not only is it time to spread your wings and fly, but it is time to rise up to amazing heights in doing so. Things really are meant to get better and better, even beyond your wildest imagination.

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