Your Feelings Will Set You Free

Our Divine Download for October 2, 2020 is Listen to Your True Feelings from the Magical Unicorns Oracle Cards bring you the message "Don't let others talk you into doing something that you know is wrong." It's hard to listen to our feelings sometimes these days because it's hard to find the quiet and the stillness to be able to actually even hear them. We are bombarded every single day, day in and day out, with messages from all types of different sources telling us how we SHOULD feel and what we should think. Our ego *loves* when these outside people and sources should on us. Our ego's job is to keep us safe. So it is very much inline with it's safety inspector position to say "Yes! Fear that, it will keep you safe." and "Yes! Think that, it will keep you safe." But, guess what? NOT all of the information with which we are bombarded is true or accurate (Gasp!) And, even if it is. that doesn't necessarily mean that it will be in line with our feelings. So we need to learn to shush our ego and all of it's associated shoulding in order to find the space to connect with our feelings. Our feelings are our ultimate compass and will always lead us to our true north. When was the last time that you just sat with how you felt about something? When was the last time you gave yourself the grace of space to just BE with and in your feelings? We rarely do. And we don't, because it's "easier" not to. It's certainly more comfortable not to. Our feelings are not always shiny happy feelings. Sometimes they are big and they are deep and they are intense. Sometimes they're just hard. Often times they don't make sense. But they are so very important and serve such important purposes. Our feelings are how are body and soul communicate with the outside world and process and bring alignment into our inner world as well. They are our guides to bridge the gaps between our inner and our outer worlds. And, pro tip: our feelings are never wrong! (Bonus pro-tip: our egos often are!) We're being guided right now to touch in with our own feelings. To cultivate some more time and space for them to exist and to allow ourselves to just be in and with what we're feeling. We're being reminded of our how valuable the guidance that our feelings are is. And we're being asked to actively practice and remember these things. If ever you find yourself feeling confused, chances are you just need to sit down and have a meaningful moment with your feelings. They are there to guide you.

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