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Your Flower Power

Our Divine Download for April 10, 2021 is Flower Power from The Magical Messages From The Fairies Oracle Cards. Flowers are not only beautiful, but they are incredibly powerful in so very many ways. They have a near instant positive effect on our mental and emotional states. When we work with flowers in our energy fields, using essential oils, or Bach flower remedies, or even eating certain flowers, it can also have a profound positive impact on our physical bodies. We're being called to interact with the flowers in every single way we can right now. The Flowers are powerful healing allies and they want to help power us out in every way we will allow them to. They also encourage us to lean into nature and natural remedies for support right now. Be out in nature whenever you are able. Take nature breaks rather than coffee breaks. Make the breaks if you have to. Be among the flowers, seek them out if you have to. Bring some cut flowers or a flowering plant into your home and work space. Investigate new ways to interact with flowers and experience their healing essence. When you connect with nature, it also allows and encourages you to connect with your nature. It helps you connect with any natural healing abilities that you have. It helps you realize that you do not have to give your power away to those practitioners who hold power over you, but that you can find and work with natural practitioners who will recognize your innate inner healer and partner with you. It helps you realize that you do not necessarily have to out source your own healing, but realize that you know you better than anyone else ever will. You know what you need. You know what works for you. You know what does not work for you. So tap into that knowledge. Tap into that uncharted part of your nature. Allow nature to heal you. Allow flowers to support and heal you. And physician, heal thyself! More Flower Power to You!

Flower Therapy Healing Sessions are a fun, relaxing, and informative way to work with your flower healing partners. You even get to keep the flowers used during your session so that you can continue to work with them! Book your Flower Therapy healing Session today: Book Your Session!


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