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Your Prayers Have Been Answered!

Our Divine Download for June 28, 2020 is Answered Prayer from the Healing with the Angels Oracle Cards. Hey, guess what? Your prayers have been heard and answered! Not some of them. ALL of your prayers have been heard and answered! It doesn't always feel this way when the answers come in unexpected ways or when we may not hear or notice the answer immediately (ahem! See yesterday's DD re Meditation!) The Angels often answer our prayers by giving us ideas or information in more mundane, every day types of ways. This card puts you on notice to focus in your observation skills and be extra observant to notice everything. EVERYTHING. What you hear, say, think, and feel - answered prayers appear in all forms, in many, many ways. Be on the alert for information and help that comes to you and be sure to actually accept that help. You absolutely DO deserve this help and the Divine frequently enlists Earth Angels to bring answers to prayers. There are so very many synchronicities at play in the world at all times so don't doubt your experiences of connection. The more you accept them, the more you believe in them, the more you expect them, the more readily obvious the answers to your prayers will become. The more connected and supported you will feel. And so it is!

Sometimes when we're in situations, especially challenging situations, or situations that have been going on for a long time, it can feel impossible to gain any perspective about said situations, much less receive any signs or guidance about them. Angel Card Readings can facilitate a dialogue with our guides and our Angels, and offer us some much needed reassurance about these kinds of big, challenging situations. Book a Session!


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